Executive Recruiting

The company with the best people wins.

Executive RecruitingBusiness is like a team sport. And just as with any major league team, having all-star players in every position can free up a company to move in bold and exciting new directions. At Deckelbaum & Associates, we’re seeing this happen every day. Excellence in management. Crisp operational execution. Creative product and service development. And world-class customer understanding and caring.

We’ve also seen company cultures morph towards greatness – simply by finding and bringing on the right talent. Bringing exceptional people to exceptional companies is at the heart of what we’ve done for more than 35 years. At Deckelbaum & Associates, we’re in the business of filling the C-Suite and the ranks of management with extraordinary people who grow to become the stars within their industries.

Executive RecruitingDeckelbaum & Associates today is placing the cream of the crop across all industries, within companies large or small, well-known or just now emerging. Our practice offers individual retained search and large scale search projects that cross organizational domains – research and development, human resources, quality, finance, sales, marketing and operations.


Finding & Attracting Top Talent

People are your greatest asset. What does it take to find and attract that winning talent who can influence the fortunes of your company? It begins with search experts who are respected as truly trusted advisors.

And how is this respect earned? It’s earned through a deliberate and precise approach that digs deeply into your company’s core values, your place in your industry and your goals and plans for future growth. After all, it’s never enough to simply find a candidate with the right experience. It’s critical to find the candidate who both matches your unique needs, is a strong cultural fit and brings all the qualities of a great leader.

Our Approach

Our search experts combine in-depth industry knowledge and years of search experience with an exceptionally rigorous approach for creating that perfect match.

Our approach includes:

  • Understanding your business and your corporate culture
  • Ensuring all stakeholders are united on candidate requirements
  • Developing a highly detailed profile of the exact right candidate
  • Researching, identifying and assessing candidates
  • Interviewing and preparing detailed profiles
  • Presenting candidates and facilitating interviews
  • Obtaining feedback from both key stakeholders and the candidates
  • Assisting in compensation package negotiations
  • Ensuring a smooth transition

Why Choose Us

Partnering with Deckelbaum & Associates for your next search offers several great returns on your investment:

  • Greater Reach and Exposure – Top notch talent is a scarce commodity. Adding our extensive networks and contacts to your own greatly extends the reach to a wider selection of both passive and active candidates.
  • Confidential Representation – All information within an exclusive search is handled with the utmost of confidentiality.
  • Objectivity and Feedback – Our extensive process captures invaluable feedback into both the opportunity and the hiring process that prospects and candidates rarely share with hiring companies.
  • Cost-Effective Investment – Our approach dramatically minimizes hiring mistakes that can lead to bad decisions which can cost a company immeasurable money and goodwill.
  • The Best Way to Tell Your Story – There’s nothing more powerful than a third party presenting your company in a most favorable light. We’re excellent at credibly sharing the opportunities your company offers and providing goodwill throughout your own industry contacts.
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