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Our Clients Include
Our Clients
Our Clients
2011 NC CEO Forum
Rick Deckelbaum & Steve Forbes

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Our Clients Include

Welcome to Rick Deckelbaum & Associates, LLC

At Deckelbaum & Associates, LLC, we offer our clients precision-tailored executive searches for top tier talent. Our team of dedicated, industry-experienced recruiters are passionate about searching for and recruiting the leadership talent of tomorrow. Our aim is to provide our clients with a competitive edge through the acquisition of the best talent in the marketplace.

Deckelbaum & Associates, LLC works with a variety of clients, from Fortune 500 to start-ups, from leading branded companies to emerging technologies. Our breadth of experience provides for:

  • Retained executive search
  • Individual search or large-scale search projects
  • Proactive executive recruiting for our clients
  • Delivery of well-qualified, well-informed candidates
  • Ability to manage searches in multiple areas within an organization from Director, Vice President, President, and C-Level positions in research and development, human resources, quality, finance, technology sales, marketing and operations.

Our Firm

With over 30 years of highly successful executive recruiting experience we recognize that talented management is essential to the health and welfare of all companies; excellent management is the key to success in today’s highly competitive business environment. We will work with you to gain a thorough understanding of your company – not just what you do, but your goals, your values and your place in your industry. With that knowledge and our experience, we will then recruit the most outstanding individuals for your organization.

Why Use Us

Using Deckelbaum & Associates, LLC for your next search will give you a return on your investment in many ways:

  • Greater Exposure – top notch talent is a scarce commodity. By adding our extensive network and contacts to your own ,you can extend your reach to a broader array of passive and active candidates
  • Confidential Representation – You can trust that we will handle all information within the search with the utmost of confidentiality.
  • Objectivity and Feedback – Through our extensive process and the knowledge we gain throughout each individual search, we are able to provide your management team with valuable feedback from the candidates regarding both the opportunity and the hiring process
  • Cost Effective Investment – Besides the measurable expense of preparing and executing a recruitment campaign and the time in screening and qualifying candidates, a bad hiring decision can lead to bad decisions costing a company immeasurable money and goodwill. Through our extensive search process, we are able to minimize hiring mistakes and maximize hiring success.
  • Personalized Public Relations – A side benefit of using an executive recruiter is that we are able to be your marketing/PR arm. We are able to “tell your story”. We present your company in a positive manner that will provide goodwill throughout your industry contacts.

Our Search Process

To every search, Deckelbaum & Associates, LLC brings a personal commitment to excellence along with a process that has provided proven success. The steps we take include:

  • Learn/Understand our client’s business and culture
  • Develop a detailed profile of the desired candidate
  • Review search plan with client
  • Identify and Assess candidates
  • Interview and prepare detailed profiles
  • Present candidates and facilitate interviews
  • Obtain feedback from both client and candidate
  • Assist in negotiating compensation package
  • Ensure smooth transition
Rick with Ben and Jerrys Ice Cream Founders - Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield
Rick Deckelbaum with 2010 NC CEO Forum Keynote Speakers, Ben and Jerry's Co-Founders, Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield
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